"Have You Ever Thought
About Putting Together A Dance Party
For A Group Of Friends?"

Dear Friend,

Are you in charge of organizing this year’s company party? Or maybe you want this year’s homecoming dance or junior/senior prom to be a night to remember for years to come.

Swing, Latin & Ballroom dancing are gaining popularity as a result of shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “Take the lead”.

Why not have a themed dance party this year!!
Swing! Latin!

Get everybody moving and groovin with a Swing Dance Theme. Have the men dress up in their classic Zoot Suit and the women in their favorite flapper outfit!

Get the dance floor sizzling with a Latin Rhythm dance party.

Regardless of which dance theme you choose. We can get everyone warmed up with an introductory dance lesson and make sure you have the right combination of Rhythm and beat to get everyone having a great time on the dance floor.

Ever wanted to put a party together where you
and your guests can burn up the floor to some cool
Swing, Latin & ballroom dancing?

Atlanta is full of talented DJs, who know how to play the latest hip hop, wrap and rock and roll music of today.

But very few know how to get the crowd grooving and movin’ with just the right salsa or cha-cha beat. How about some swing dancing music? Did you know that you can dance swing not only to big band swing music but also to some of your classic blues, Sinatra and even today’s hits.

It takes one talented DJ to be able spin you just the right swing, latin or ballroom beat to get the party moving.

DJ Party Packages

We offer several base DJ only or combination DJ and dance instruction packages. Each situation is different for each individual, let us know when you are planning your event and what you have in mind. And we can discuss your needs and tailor things specifically for your event.

For additional information about the packages above or to purchase and book your DJ for your event please contact Sean-Christopher.

Contact by phone: 770-855-4396

Or if you prefer by email, fill out the form below.

Don't forget to let me know what you have in mind and the date you plan to have your event. A number where you can be reached and the best time to give you a call.

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