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Dear Friends,

My name is Sean-Christopher DeGuzman, I’m the person who was an I.T. professional by trade turned dance instructor!

I wasn’t born a natural dancer but was introduced to the world of Swing, Latin and Ballroom which become a passion of mine and eventually lead me to creating Dancing4fun and bring to you the joy of dance one step at a time.

I've been dancing on and off for about 15 years, and teaching for over 10 years.

Learning is a never ending process and this is what makes dance so much fun and exciting to me. The different styles of dance and different genres of music where people can express themselves, have fun and share with others and staying fit doesn’t hurt either. Since my humble beginning working for a local ballroom dancing studio here in Atlanta. I now share with you the exciting world of dance such as Swing, Waltz, Tango, Salsa & Merengue to name a few.

I’m living testimony that anyone can learn how to dance and that you can take it as far as you want to. If you were to tell me 15 years ago that I’d be teaching Salsa & Cha-Cha classes and doing dance exhibitions & entering local dance competitions someday, I would’ve thought you were crazy!!

So guys, just give it a chance I promise, you won’t regret it.

I want to show you that dancing is not only fun but a great way to meet new friends, a pastime you enjoy with others and with your special someone and that dance isn’t just a hobby but something more in life.

I started Dancing For Fun so I can share with you the joy of dance like I've experienced and still experiencing in my life and with so have many others around the world, Ballroom, Swing, and Latin dancing is for all people of all ages.

See you on the dance floor!!

Sean-Christopher DeGuzman
Wray Sisk

Wray is originally from Fort Worth, Texas, and moved to Atlanta in 1988. He learned to dance by watching other people at clubs like Billy Bobs in the old stockyard area of Fort Worth. He caught on quick and soon began dancing more than watching. After moving to Atlanta, he decided to take dance lessons so he could learn proper technique and styling so he joined The Country & Western Social Club (CWSC) in Decatur, GA.

Shortly after becoming a member of the CWSC he was asked to join their dance team. He competed with the dance team for several years while simultaneously competing in couples divisions with his partner, Janice Baskin.

Wray has taken dance instruction from some of the best dancers in the world, both in country & western and swing, and has been instructing in country & western & swing dancing for the past several years. He teaches the country two-step and waltz, night club two, east coast swing, and west coast swing.

Miguel Balderas
Miguel Balderas

Miguel Balderas, lead instructor and choreographer for Bachata Soul Dance Company was born in Mexico City.

After moving to Atlanta in 2001 he first caught the Latin Dance bug after taking a classes, It wasn't long after however that he noticed another kind of music, with passion, sabor y el ritmo de amor de la bachata!

Over the past few years Miguel has choreographed nearly a dozen Bachata routines with performances all over Georgia, Atlanta, Athens, South Carolina and North Carolina.

He has taught countless classes and this year lead a Bachata workshop in South Carolina's Congressito! His favorite Bachata groups are Aventura, El Torito, Frank Reyes, and Xtreme.

Currently Miguel is very involved in the Atlanta salsa community. Performing in choreography classes and teaching .


Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson

One late October Sunday of 1998, I finally accepted the invitation of a roommate of mine to go to a swing dance at the Masquerade in downtown Atlanta , Ga.

I had been thinking about going for a few weeks, but never built up enough courage. He convinced me by informing me of the pretty ladies that I would behold that evening if I went with him. Of course when I got there he was right.

I was finally on the dance floor learning how to swing dance. It was the basic single count version of swing dance that was being taught. Not only was it fun, but I made a connection between the "Big Band Era and the dancing that went along with it.

It was a revelation that was unwrapped in front of my eyes. I had always heard the music of that era but never connected the dancing to it. I always wondered why the music was so moving. When I saw the dancing with the music, I was hooked. I never looked back once I got the swing dancing itch. I engulfed myself into the world of big bands, dancing, history and fashion of the time periods.

In the spring of 1999; I began to learn, what is now my dance of choice, known as the Lindy Hop. I particularly dance the Savoy Style, which was made famous by the late and legendary Frankie Manning.

I was a student of Jim and Marcy Pett; the first instructors to teach the Savoy Style in Atlanta . I was instructed from beginning to advanced Lindy. Later the same year I auditioned for the amateur dance troupe squad " The Southern Fried Lindy Hoppers". I made the team. We had an incredible group of dancers on the squad.

In late November of 1999, my former dance partner (Andrea Fowler) and I auditioned for the Pre-Game Show of Super bowl XXXIV. We made the squad. I was elated!! I had always envisioned myself as a player in the NFL, but obviously never made it past high school. But by stranger fortune and a blessing from above, I was still able to be apart of the biggest game of the year for football. I think of that moment as if it were yesterday, but I realize it has been 9 years since then.

Since late 2002, I have taught beginning group lessons in the single -count form of swing dancing and beginning and intermediate Savoy Style Lindy Hop. I have the privilege of teaching at places such as the Marriott Hotel, 57th Fighter Group, Nemoe's Restaurant, Trilogy, the Gwinnett parks and recreation centers, and Knights of Columbus.

I now have a private studio at my home in Marietta, Ga. I have had the privilege to collaborate with people like DJ Alan White, Kevin "Notepad" Stanley , and last but certainly not least Sean-Christopher (Dancing 4 Fun). I enjoy our collaboration and look forward to future success.


Joby Brava
Joby Brava

Joby was born in New York City of Dominican parents. Her family then moved her to California where she began her dance career at the age of 19 with Modern, Jazz, Ballet and Hip-Hop.

During this time, she spent three years in an Orange County Theater Dance Company “On Common Ground”.

In 1994 Joby’s dance career took a sharp turn when she co-founded the first Salsa dance company in California, Salsa Brava.

With her artistic direction, electrifying choreography, and technical teaching skills she was able to mesmerize many audiences in over 40 different countries.

This put herself on the map and became one of the top Salsa dance companies in the world. Establishing a mix of Latin with her technical background she became known as a pioneer of what is now considered “L.A. Style Salsa”.

She has trained many from beginner aficionados of dance to working with artist in videos, movies, television, film, and stage shows.

A few such as Rita Moreno, Jimmy Smits, Tito Puente, Thalia, Jennifer Lopez, Chayanne, Vanessa Williams, Tito Nieves, Quincy Jones, Donnie & Marie, Rosanne Bar, and The Four Tops.

Joby Brava has been blessed to receive prestigious awards such as:

  • Washington D.C. “Women of Salsa” 2005 Recognition Award
  • Tropicana-Club Latino, Milano 2005 Special Recognition Award
  • Sabor Magazine’s “Best Dance Company Award 2001, 2002, & 2003”
  • Sabor Magazine’s “Best Female Dancer in L.A. 2001”
  • Albert Torres Productions’ “Lifetime Contribution Award 2001”
  • Congreso Bacardi 2001 “Contribution to Salsa Culture”
  • Mayor Jeremy Harris of Hawaii for “Outstanding efforts to promote culture
    exchange between Hispanic Community & Hawaii” 2001

Joby ‘Brava’ Productions currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia training, teaching, performing, choreographing and consulting.

Specializing in Salsa on1, Mambo on2, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Caribbean Cardio for Kids to adults.

She also has 8 instructional DVDs and is the face of the up and coming workout ‘Havana Nights” seen in Target and Walmarts near you.


Michael Marinacci
Michael Marinacci

Training at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Seattle, WA, also where I first worked as a teacher.

Taught at dance clubs at Shoreline Community College, in Seattle, and Lynwood High School in Lynwood, WA. Next at Yakima Valley Community College in Yakima, WA.

Since moving to Georgia taught at South Gwinnett High School, Central Gwinnett High School (Community School - evening courses). Michael Marinacci has been in the ballroom dance business since 1972. He has taught over 800 students in that time.

His style of teaching is fun and friendly. He modifies his teaching to the needs of each student. He makes sure that there is lots of practice time along with the teaching.


Wallace Marks


I started dancing in 2004, and teaching in 2008.

My involvement with dancing started because of an accident: in December 2003, I broke my left ankle while hiking. Physical activity, especially jogging, was my passion and suddenly I found myself struggling just to get around.

For the next few months as I went through physical therapy I kept asking: “When can I start jogging?” One day, the lead therapist called me into her office and told me, “Your ankle isn’t getting any better.

It will probably hurt the rest of your life. Get used to it. You’ll never jog again.”

A few weeks later, a co-worker noticed the funk I was in and started dragging me out with her friends. One of the first places was a salsa dance club. I went in with dread because my ankle was still sore, but I was immediately hooked! I was amazed at how good it felt, how easy it was, even better than walking!

I’m very thankful for that co-worker and the blessings that came from her intervention. The biggest blessing: I met my future wife Kathy, and through her Sean Christopher who is now a close friend.

Salsa may be where it all started, but Swing is where it’s at. Several years of dancing East Coast Swing has strengthened my ankle so well that I sometimes forget it was ever broken.

East Coast Swing is a really fun dance that gives you a workout without you even knowing it. In addition to teaching East Coast Swing I teach also Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, and Rumba.

Like me, a lot of people get into dancing because of a change in their lives. Whether you’re looking for better health, distraction, meeting people, or just something new to add some spice to your life, dancing is the answer!

I’d love to be your instructor and share dancing with you!

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